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Need to Import Goods to India?

eCargo is offering import solutions in an economical way. We tied up with major industrial gaints who help us in customs clearance at all major air and sea ports.

We offer both port-to-port and door-to-door solutions. Please send us your requirement and we will be glad in assisting you.


The Web Platform Advantages in A Nutshell.

Complete Freight Solutions acts as a web platform from where customers can book any kind of freight shipment including LTL, full truckload, customized freight and any combination of specialized transportation services required with the best carriers and price possible.

Instant / smart quotes has access to competitive freight rates with multiple carriers in every state of India. With's instant quotes / smart quotes feature, customers can choose among multiple carrier options and compare rates to book the best option for them.

Real-time updates

With, customers will receive timely E-mail/SMS/GPS updates and can track the real-time progress of shipment directly from their account.

Virtual/live customer support provides virtual online support and customers can interact with our online team through live chat during business hours to handle quick and easy questions.

My account's one touch account allows customers to manage all their freight shipping with ease. One can access all previous shipments, review statements and instantly start and save new quotes for future use.

Secure Payments

With ease of online payment, you can make payments through debit cards, credit cards and Net banking.


There comes a time for every industry to change... A change that makes the industry more competitive...
A change that makes the industry more efficient. A change that offers the end user more choice, better price and more convenience.

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Anyone who sends parcel can use our platform and avail our services.

  • Vendors are route specific - We obtain rates from them and give best rates for your selected route.
  • Reduce work of contacting 10 people/suppliers for the rates - We give it with one click.
  • Online hiring of your choice of service provider
  • Online tracking of the shipment with real time emails/sms
  • Multiple payment options
  • Hassle free Interstate documentation support
  • Insurance cover from reputed companies


Register with and earn extra business.

For quite some time a need was aroused to bridge the gap between the customers and service providers so we thought of how to eliminate or reduce this gap of customers to multiple service providers and between Service Providers to the customers. As our every effort also some time proves so small in front of the huge opportunity what market possess.

So the right solution is to bring them under single portal through which customers and Vendors / Service Providers both benefits. So the invention of this unique portal has happened to facilitate this very process. is web-based tools to deliver instant freight shipping solution directly to the individuals and corporate. It enables customers to view multiple rates from different service providers who are already listed to compare rates and select the right one for their valued shipment.

On this very quest to provide a customer more and more competitive healthy rates we are enrolling various service providers { without fees } to incorporate their serviceable rates to various locations for different categories which includes Parcels / LTL / FTL so that your rates can be feed in our portal to make available the rates to customers.

Hope this very effort of ours will give a new dimension to your existing business and will create more opportunities in enhancing your market share so why delay? Pls. share your rates with us and in turn we will ensure that it flashed to all when they visit our site

Let us grab this opportunity with both arms and make our presence felt we simply requires your letter of interest and rates to initiate this drive.

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  • Numerous logistics companies in one place
  • Instant online quotes from various transporters for comparison
  • Online hiring of your choice of service provider
  • Online tracking of the shipment with real time emails/sms
  • Multiple payment options
  • Hassle free Interstate documentation support
  • Insurance cover from reputed companies


We are associated with some of Industrial giants.

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